We Are Back!


Its been a long while since we have posted here! Our campaign with COTA is now over and we were able to raise some money for Heart transplant expenses! Braden has been doing fantastic! Each day truly is a blessing. Since we have been gone, Braden now has a facebook page. www.facebook.com/beatsforbraden .  I will try to keep both his website and his facebook page current! Thank you all for the continued prayers!

Good News This Week

Braden had his heart catheterization on Wednesday. He is remaining stable with very limited changes which is amazing!! His lungs have high pressure, but nothing is irreversible so when the time comes, he should qualify for transplant. He did test positive for antibodies, so it will limit what heart he can accept when that time comes. I spoke to Dr. Mahle and told him as a mother, I can’t keep going on just waiting and waiting. I asked for a rough estimate about transplant. He told me within the next 3 years if he had to guess. This is sad, yet “good” news. We know Braden needs a transplant to survive. Originally we thought he would be much, much older but a few more years with my baby boy having his own heart is amazing news! He left the hospital that afternoon galloping down the halls, something he should not have been doing but I was not about to stop him. He was SO happy nearly the entire day. Please continue to pray that he remains stable. His next heart catheterization will be in April and hopefully we get the same news!

Chili Cook off/Fall Festival planned

Mark your calendars! Saturday November 10th, 2012 there will be a fall festival and Chili Cookoff outside of Johnny’s Pizza on Lee Street in Jefferson. It will be $10.00 per child and most activites are included for the $10.00. There will be bounce houses, face painting, hay rides, a dunk booth, dj, cotton candy and much, much more! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to COTA in honor of Braden. These funds can be used for anything transplant related for Braden for his entire lifetime! Please come out and support him and our family! If you are interested in participating in the Chili Cookoff, please contact Matt @ 706-410-8710 or email mgknebel@hotmail.com for a registration form!




Changes coming for “Beats for Braden”

We have teamed up with Cota.org to start fundraising for Braden. This will give us even more opportunities to raise funds for Braden b/c they are a 501 (c) (3). One of the downfalls is this site will need to be shut down during the fundraising process as all funds will need to be donated to Cota.org in HONOR OF BRADEN. We do not own these funds, but they are accessible to us for anything transplant related for Braden. There will be a website through Cota with all future updates while we are actively fundraising. As much as I am saddened to have to shut down this website in the next month, it is in the best interest of Braden. I am hoping there is a way to have this address directly link you to the new Cota webpage. My personal email is michelleknebel@hotmail.com should anyone need it. I hope you all follow Braden on his journey through the Cota webpage. It will likely be up approx 1 year, and then we can revert back to “beats for braden” at the time the fundraising concludes. Matt and I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers from everyone. Braden will be having a heart catherization done tomorrow. We are hoping for more information and possibly a timeline of events or a prediction when he will be listed. My heart can’t take any more worry/stress/uncertainty.

The latest…

We need fundraiser ideas as the doctors and counselors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have told us we better get started, so if you have any ideas, please share!! Thank you for helping Braden beat restrictive cardiomyopathy and get a new heart so we can experience many, many more “beats with Braden”!!